software engineering

Cross-platform development

Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS Get a Quote →

We develop cross platform software applications using popular toolkits. Native WIN32, MFC and WinRT on Windows. wxWidgets, GTK+ and QT on Linux. Xcode, AppKit/Cocoa on MacOS and iOS.

Native software development

Linux and Windows Get a Quote →

We have been providing C/C++ consulting and product development services for ISVs and technology companies and enterprises for over 10 years, We build OS-native feature-rich software products for Linux and Windows, including utilities, tools, gadgets and widgets, as well as office, communication and multimedia apps.

System software and device driver development

Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux and Windows Get a Quote →

We develop software designed to run efficiently in resource constrained environments, kernel modules, device drivers for custom hardware such as portable & plug-and-play devices, TCP/IP and Inmarsat-C communication devices.

Security software development

E-ID, XAdES, LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos, PAM, SCHANNEL and OPENSSL Get a Quote →

Our expertise spans Security, Access and Identity management software and backend system components for electronic security devices, such as, for example, Windows and MacOS native E-ID → client software that can be used to sign, verify digital signatures, open and save documents inside EDoc → container.

eID document helper

Create, view and sign ASICE, EDOC and PDF documents

An app with a focus on simplicity for viewing ASCIE, EDOC and signed PDF files. It supports ASICE and EDOC (2.0) document formats, XAdES-B-LT and PAdES-LT profiles, RFC 3161 trusted time stamping, RFC 6960 Online Certificate Status Protocol and Latvian eID smart cards. eID document helper does not send or upload documents anywhere. Documents stay secure on your computer.

Porting, upgrades & refactoring

Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux and Windows Get a Quote →

Our systems programming experts can port or refactor your software to make it usable as technologies keep evolving.

Porting – OS, Databases, Libraries & frameworks

Refactoring - Source code translation, Binary translation, Structure improvements, Data re-engineering, Adaptation.

Network signaling & data analysis tools

Signaling System 7 (SS7) and IETF SIGTRAN specifications Get a Quote →

We provide a range of carrier grade signaling products to telecoms operators and service providers that deliver proven, industry standard signaling, interconnect and routing solutions to legacy, IP, and the latest 4G LTE networks.

Web application development

HTML, CSS AND JavaScript Get a Quote →

Using the web as a framework we create applications that help our clients work more collaboratively, serve their clients more efficiently and streamline their business processes. Whatever your needs, we've got the experience and track record to provide the web application you need. Applications we've recently developed include:

Asset management application

Data gathering application

Data sharing application

Self-service applications for customers

ERS, Electronic recording and reporting system

Electronic Logbook management Get a Quote →

ERS is a complex system for recording, reporting, processing, storage and transmission of fisheries data in due accordance with EU legislation (EU 1077/2008).


Subscription-based licensing model, based on size of fleet to be monitored

Server application:

Windows Server 2008 or newer

Microsoft SQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL RDBMS server

Web access module for data analysis, reporting and remote query management

3rd party application integration API

Client module:

Windows XP or newer

No runtime requirements, native Windows application is 3MB in size, support for over-the-air remote updates

Support for all ERS logbook types

Data import and export

Remote diagnostics and monitoring

Communication over TCP/IP, GPRS/Cellular networks, on-board SMTP, Inmarsat C or proprietary VHF/UHF radio systems

NMEA and Inmarsat C compliant vehicle tracking device support

Cost and size effective binary data exchange format